Tradimo – How to work with indicators (UPDATE)

Tradimo – How to work with indicators (UPDATE) Download For Free

Tradimo – How to work with indicators (UPDATE) Download For Free

Tradimo – How to work with indicators (UPDATE)
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Creator – Tradimo

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Improve your trading skills and learn in this trading course more about indicators.

About this course

What are indicators?

Indicators are a set of tools applied to a trading chart that help make the market more clear.

For example, they can confirm if the market is trending or if the market is ranging.

Indicators can also provide specific market information such as when an asset is overbought or oversold in a range, and due for a reversal.

In this course you will learn:

  • Lagging and leading indicators
  • Trending indicators
  • Oscillating indicators
  • When to use trending and oscillating indicators
  • Combining indicators correctly
  • Using divergence for trading

About Tradimo

Tradimo is your lifelong education partner for trading and investing

Our mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective financial education to the world. We believe that financial education is a cornerstone of society, and we seek to empower our students to advance their education, careers and financial independence.

Our Story

Tradimo was born in 2011 out of an online poker academy that taught cutting-edge poker knowledge at an affordable price to over 7.5 million students. Many of them became very successful, with over 1,000 even becoming poker millionaires and needed practical education about what to do with their money.

Now, Tradimo is a growing team of educators and engineers on a mission to change the future of financial education by bridging the gap among real-world skills, relevant education, and the financial industry.


Most Innovative Financial Product 2014

Best Mobile FinTech Solution 2015

University by practitioners

We are building an online university with the financial industry that:

  • Teaches the skills that banks and brokers expect new traders and investors to have
  • Delivers knowledge based on feedback from the students
  • Educates at a fraction of the cost of traditional schools


Specialised websites often tend to focus only on experts. We want to be open for beginners and help them learn in the easiest way possible. That’s why we have created online courses especially for beginners, offer a premium service where we create the ultimate, personalised learning plan for each student and have created a free mobile game allowing students to learn by playing, Little Traders.

Tradimo – How to work with indicators (UPDATE) Download For Free
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