TradeSmart University – Advanced Trading Strategies – Risky Business

TradeSmart University – Advanced Trading Strategies – Risky Business Download For Free

TradeSmart University – Advanced Trading Strategies – Risky Business Download For Free

TradeSmart University – Advanced Trading Strategies – Risky Business
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Sales Price: $497

We Needed to Make Money Trading.

And it turns out, we weren’t the only ones…

Josh and I (Jeremy) were introduced to stock trading while attending college. The opportunity of the market consumed my thoughts night and day! I began reading everything I could find and attending training conferences, only to walk away more confused than I started. It was frustrating.

The fees were expensive. There was no system. And I found myself burning through all of my trading capital just trying to figure out how this whole thing worked.

There had to be a better way. So, with my creative talents and Josh’s analytical mindset, we began developing a system that grew into something quite useful. It really boiled down to three simple rules:

  • Use Great Analysis to Pick Winning Stocks
  • Apply the Right Money-Making Strategies
  • Manage Risk

As we applied this system to our personal trades, friends and family members wanted to model what we were doing. We found ourselves on webinars, helping those we love to learn how to make money trading as well.

Before we knew it, we became trading mentors. As word began to spread, TradeSmart University was born in 2009.

Risky Business

Risk management is the #1 skill a trader can learn. Ironically most people never even consider it, much less take the time to master it. Most people think the best way to make more money is to win more trades, but Risky Business turns that theory on its head and shows how to make massive profits, even if you lose on more trades than you make money with.

Risky Business presents one of the most predictable and systematic approaches to risk management currently available to the trader. It teaches traders how to focus on high probability trades while at the same time using basic market odds to anticipate how much money can be used to risk on each trade. Traders who have used the Risky Business principles find their trading accounts literally turn around overnight and help them become wildly profitable traders. You too can make all the money you want in the market – just learn to manage your risk.


In this program TSU Alphonso Esposito reveals a trading system known as “R’s” trading. It takes the same principle of cash management from a casino and shows a trader how to think like a casino, making money over time on a consistent basis. R’s trading helps the trader “common size” their risk and their reward, so they know before they ever get into a trade how much they will make and what the worst case scenario is in the event of a loss.

The system of R’s Trading works for all market, Stock, Futures, Forex, and Options. When he first saw this system, TSU Co-Founder Jeremy Whaley said “every trader needs to know this – this changes the game”.

You Will Learn

  • ​Make consistent money
  • ​Manage your losses
  • ​Never risk too much
  • ​Pay yourself consistently
  • ​Make money over time
  • ​Think like a professional money manager
  • ​And much more…

What You’ll Get:

When you enroll today you’ll get instant access to:

  • ​4 Core Lessons​​​​​​
  • ​Instant On-Demand Access
  • ​Notebooks

​Plus you will also ​receive:

  • ​Special Offers on TSU courses
  • ​Access to Membership Site
  • ​VIP Email Support


Price: ​$497
Level: ​Intermediate ​
​Location: Online/Virtual
​Time to Completion: ​​​4-6 hours

TradeSmart University – Advanced Trading Strategies – Risky Business Download For Free
Sales Price: $497
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