The Technical Floor – Course

The Technical Floor – Course Download For Free

The Technical Floor – Course Download For Free

The Technical Floor – Course
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A clear and simple strategy. Easy to follow learning videos. Easy to follow trade set ups. Daily updates to help you become the best trader you can.

What is The Technical Floor?

The Technical Floor is the Best Forex Trading Platform, run by professional traders, where we share multiple high accuracy trade set ups every week, on a wide range of pairs, to help you find the best set ups in the Forex market.

Every Sunday, we release analysis across all major currency pairs, Gold, and multiple minor pairs, detailing possible price movement and set ups for the week. We post further analysis during the week when new set ups appear that fit our strategy. This analysis will include possible entry points and profit targets.

So that this analysis is understandable to all members, The Technical Floor also provides a thorough course of video lessons detailing our simple but effective strategy, so that you can learn to trade exactly as we do.

The Technical Floor is not a signal service as signals do not help you become a good trader yourself. Instead we provide high probability trade set ups, along with the education that is necessary to understand them, so that you can improve your trading ability, whilst following the same trade set ups as professional traders.

We teach you the strategy. We provide the set ups. You learn to see the market how we do.


Learn to see the market through the same eyes as our professional traders.

Take your new knowledge and apply it to the clearly explained trading set ups we post.

Our strategy is simple and effective. If you apply the strategy you can profit.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned trader, our strategy is simple, easy to understand, and profitable. All you need to do is learn our strategy through the video lessons and then act on the potential set ups we post to you every day.

What Our Members Say

The updates that you give on Telegram as they are happening are excellent (for example GBPAUD and AUDCHF last week), more of that please.

Using Telegram to send updates, links to etc is great. They pop up on my computer and I can click the link directly from there.

On a personal note, I find the analysis / setups of different pairs really useful. For the last year I’ve had RSI in my wrists so I have to really limit my computer use each day, which means it’s difficult to go through even a few pairs to analyse. So having that done for me cuts down my computer use, and you have no idea how nice that is for me. I thought because of my issues I wouldn’t properly be able to learn forex trading since so much time is spent in front of a computer but your analysis assists me a lot.

James M.

I want to really thank you for all the work you do for new traders like me. Since I joined the TTF in April, I have literally improved my way of trading, they are not just words but reality.

I went from -10% net of loss to 54% of net profit by the end of July. And this result is despite the slow summer. I like very much the monthly and weekly breakdown since it gives you the overall picture. Above I like the way you make the follow up on the potential set up you put on the daily pdfs (when it could be a good moment to enter , entry trigger etc) or when we can have big major news affecting the pairs.

I hope you will continue this way, the TTF is just not potential set ups but it is educational trading. Please keep the way you do. Frankly you are the best.

Chris A.

The Technical Floor – Course Download For Free
Sales Price: $399.99
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