The Silver Edge Forex Training Program Download

The Silver Edge Forex Training Program Download For Free

The Silver Edge Forex Training Program Download For Free

The Silver Edge Forex Training Program
FREE Download – Mega Link
Creator – SilverFX

Sales Price: $597

Are you ready to finally join the lucrative and exciting world of forex? Where liquidity and leverage are high, and trading costs are incredibly low?

Or are you simply looking for actionable trading signals you can put to work.

You’re in the right place.
Austin Silver’s Silver Edge/S2 Forex Training Home Study Program is all all-new way to become a confident, successful trader in 2019 and beyond.

When we say all-new, we mean all-new. This program was created in 2019 for traders that want to make money.

Don’t throw away your money on recycled courses from the 1990’s.
The trading world has changed, and the only way to succeed is to use an approach that’s generating cash flow today.

The S2 program starts with the absolute basics like forex terminology and market operations.

So even if you know nothing about forex, you’ll get up to speed very quickly.Then, you’ll quickly move into more advanced topics like trend analysis, charting, and indicator use.

And best of all, you’re going to learn Austin’s proprietary S2 Signal, which is making traders money today. (see comments from students below.)
On top of that, you’re getting 3 bonus courses to ensure you have a total foundation for success.

The Silver Edge Forex Training Program

  • – 4 hours of video training in Austin’s complete forex methodology, including the S2 Entry Signal, which is making traders serious money right now
  • – Learn forex basics and market mechanics and get quickly up to speed
  • – Master Austin’s unique take on technical analysis for forex
  • – Become a skilled, confident forex trader even if you’ve never made a trade before.
  • – Starts with the absolute basics of forex, and then quickly moves on to actionable trading concepts.
  • – All material is taught in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner so you won’t feel overwhelmed

Here’s the curriculum:

  • 1) Principles for Trading Success
  • 2) Forex Basics
  • 3) Getting Set Up
  • 4) Exponential Moving Averages
  • 5) Traders Dynamic Index (TDI)
  • 6) Defining the Trend
  • 7) Market Structure
  • 8) Candle Formations
  • 9) S2 Trade Entry Signals
  • 10) S2 Trade Exit Signals
  • 11) S2 Chart Examples
  • 12) How to Avoid Bad Trades
  • 13) S2 Pre-Trade Checklist
  • 14) The Mindset of a Winning Trader
  • 15) Essential Steps for Trading Success


  • – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading – an extended explanation of basics like lots, pips, order sizes, etc.
  • – Getting Started in MetaTrader 4 the Right Way – Learn how Austin uses the world’s most popular FREE forex software.
  • – Tutorial – Use this FREE software to be a more productive, more profitable forex trader.

The Silver Edge Forex Training Program Download For Free
Sales Price: $597
Mega Download Link
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