The Algo Trading Blackbook Download

The Algo Trading Blackbook 2019 Download For Free

The Algo Trading Blackbook Download For Free

The Algo Trading Blackbook 
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Creator – Tomáš Nesnídal, Andrew Swanscott

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The Algo Trading Blackbook: 71 tips that will transform your trading and potentially your life

by Tomáš Nesnídal, Andrew Swanscott

Is trading or daytrading for a living your goal? The new Algo Trading Blackbook explains how to develop the best day and swing trading strategies, significantly improve the performance of existing trading strategies, and trade like a champion.

The Algo Trading Blackbook was written by private hedge fund manager Tomas Nesnidal and full-time trader Andrew Swanscott, who put their 20+ years of combined trading know-how into the highly practical “71 tips that will transform your trading and potentially your life”.

These algorithmic trading tips have already helped many beginning traders, experienced traders and even hedge fund managers, to get started, build trading strategies that work, create the right winning mindset, and achieve positive trading returns with minimum drawdowns.

The “Algo Trading Blackbook: 71 Tips that will transform your trading and potentially your life” is split into 4 parts:

=> PART I – FOUNDATION will give you an understanding of what it takes and what you’ll need to become a successful trader.

=> PART II – BUILDING STRATEGIES THAT WORK will share proven tips and steps to creating profitable trading strategies.

=> PART III – EXPERT STRATEGIES reveals advanced and often little-known or even proprietary techniques and tips for advanced traders and money-managers, who want to elevate their trading to the next level.

=> And PART IV – LIFESTYLE will share how to create time and financial freedom with algo trading strategies.

Besides that, you’ll also discover:

  • What nobody will tell you about trading
  • The most important trading metrics
  • What’s the best trading tech?
  • Big stop-losses versus small stop-losses
  • Code that develops code (and saves you time)
  • How Henrik had ‘overnight success’ and you can too
  • How orthopedic surgeon Alan created more than 70 robust strategies in under 2 months
  • Breakout strategies from my hedge fund
  • The #1 ingredient to successful swing trading
  • How do you know a strategy is really failing?
  • Does less optimization inputs mean better strategies?
  • Four levels to smash false breakouts
  • The surprisingly simple hack to 20% bigger trading profits
  • Profiting in volatility
  • A simple hack to ‘super-boost’ trading performance
  • How to build a portfolio for steady trading income
  • How global stock trader Craig improved risk-adjusted returns by almost 40%
  • Modern ways of position sizing
  • How DPS can increase your probability of success
  • A trading legend shares how to evolve into a successful trader

…and much more.

About the authors:

Andrew Swanscott is a full-time trader with 13+ years of trading experience and is host of the Better System Trader podcast, with over 1,000,000+ downloads.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and trades both the Australian stock market and US Futures markets.

Tomas Nesnidal is a European trader and private hedge fund owner and manager, with over 11 years of trading experience. Tomas specializes in Breakout strategies and Market Internals.

He originally comes from the Czech Republic but currently lives in a beautiful resort right by the beach in Costa Del Sol, Spain.

The Algo Trading Blackbook Download For Free
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