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Course Worth: 2200$

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SMB Training now proudly presents our Reading the Tape training program for new and developing traders. Reading the Tape allows intraday traders to determine the next move in a stock just by examining the bids, offers and prints. Reading the Tape (RTT) is an important skill that all intraday traders must develop. Most new and developing traders just learn technical analysis, a little fundamental analysis and then start their trading career.

Consequently, they are trading without fully developed trading skills and this is a mistake. Reading the Tape:

  • 1) improves your trading consistency
  • 2) allows you to take bigger positions while limiting your risk
  • 3) offers trading plays not offered with just charts
  • 4) improves your entry and exit prices

Reading the Tape offers you a look at the market from the most basic perspective- supply and demand, so that you gain an edge as an intraday trader. When you read the tape you can determine whether a stock will go up or down from its present price by looking strictly at the bids, the offers, and the prints. This ability to read the next move in a stock is often absent from your charts, a lagging indicator.

We teach you how to read the tape in a 2-day intensive training program via written lectures, videos (live trading recordings supplemented with audio commentary), and SMB Webinars (a video review webcast of the trading of our professional proprietary traders). Quizzes are provided at the end of each important section to help you track your progress.

On Day 1 we cover the basics, RTT indicators – the core of RTT, psychology behind RTT, proper preparation for you as a tape reader, and end the day with 4hr+ of video examples.

Day 2 is dedicated to trading plays,trade execution and risk management. We highlight the highest probability plays based on the RTT indicators learned on day 1. we suggest an execution trading style for these plays. Lastly, we offer our SMB Reading the Tape Cheat Sheet to help you remember these plays in the future.

Highlights of the SMB Reading the Tape training program:

  • 2 days packed with 50+ videos and 18 written lectures
  • 7 Quizzes to help track your understanding of the material
  • Learn a skill that lowers your trading risk and brings consistency to your numbers
  • Learn a skill most successful intraday traders possess

Reading the Tape Syllabus

DAY 1: The Basics

The Basics

  1. Two quick written lectures on The Level II and The Prints including a Glossary.
  2. One 15-minute audio lecture on the Prints complimenting the written lecture.
  3. 1 hour and 15 minutes of video lectures on The Level II and the Prints.
  4. Multiple-choice quiz to reinforce your knowledge on the Basics: The Level II, Jargon, and Prints.

The Indicators

  1. Four written lectures on the Reading the Tape indicators
  2. 5-minute audio lecture and 10-minute video on indicator # 1.
  3. 30 minute video compilation that includes examples of indicator #2.
  4. 20 minutes of video lectures on indicator # 3.
  5. 2 Multiple-choice quizzes to reinforce your knowledge on all of our indicators

Psychology of Tape Reading

  1. Two written lectures on: “Thinking like the Big Player” and “Always Analyzing your Positions”
  2. 1 hour of video lectures complimenting the written lectures

Proper Preparation Before Trading Plays & Execution

  1. Two written lectures: Times of the Day & Important Questions Before Each Trade

Putting It Together

  1. One written lecture on some notorious print patterns and a multiple choice quiz to recap the day.

Day 2: Trading Plays and Trade Execution

Getting Trading Ideas from the Charts

  1. Three written lectures on the following topics: “Seeing the Tape from the Charts”, “Adding Probability to Chart Plays”, and “Different Lots, Different Plans”
  2. 35 minutes of video lectures to compliment the written with examples.
  3. Multiple-choice quiz to reinforce your knowledge on Trading Ideas from Charts.

Trade Execution

  1. Two written lectures on “Proper Execution of Scalp Plays” and Proper Execution of Trade2Hold Plays”
  2. Four hours of video lectures with 9 examples of different scalp plays and 6 examples of different trade2hold plays
  3. Multiple-choice quiz to reinforce your knowledge of “Proper Execution of Trade2Hold Plays”.
  4. SMB Reading the Tape Cheat Sheet

SMB Webinars

  1. Access to 30 hours of archived webinars of our past video review sessions
  2. Access to our live video review sessions

SMB Reading the Tape Download for Free
Worth: 2200$
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