Silas Peters – Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp

Silas Peters – Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp Download

Silas Peters – Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp Download

Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp is a result of years of experience, research and thousands of hours of screen time. I am currently an independent trader, I work from the comfort of my home, and you will learn the same strategies and tactics that I am going to share with you in this course.

You may be asking yourself, why do I share this knowledge and why should I reveal secrets that make me money? I have been asked these questions more than a few times, and if I was in your shoes, I would ask the same.

Who is Silas Peters?

Silas has been working as an active trader for more than twelve years concentrating on equities, commodity futures, currencies & options.

He began working on a global trading desk at the Chicago Board of Trade right out of college, executing trades for hedge funds, banks, institutional investors and high net worth individuals..

In addition to working on various trade desks managing and executing trades in US, European and Asian markets, he has helped build and manage several futures and equity brokerage firms, handling day-to-day operations, trading, risk and support.

Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp with Silas Peters

Let me tell you something, trading is totally different from any other business. If I show you my strategy and how I make money, it will not affect my own results.
Because when you start trading the same way as I do, we will take approximately the same trades. And if we are a big community of traders who take the same trades, we will be able to move the market in our direction, because this is how the market moves, if the amount of buyers is more than sellers, the market goes up, and if the amount of sellers is more than buyers the market goes down.


  • Commodities/Futures
  • Currencies/ FX
  • Stocks/ ETFs/ Index
  • Email + SMS Text Alerts

“Powerful Setups Combining Seasonal Trend & Historical Chart Analysis”

My course will provide you with the right trading method, because it will show you how the big boys trade the market, you will understand how banks and financial institutions manipulate the market and trap retail traders, and you will study in detail the principles of their trading strategies which are mostly based on supply and demand.


Silas Peters – Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp


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