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The Sang Lucci MASTER COURSE – 3 Course Bundle Download For Free

Your comprehensive education in the trading methods of Sang Lucci and Wall St. Jesus.

Worth: $3,500

Sales Page: https://sanglucci.com/products/master-course/

Your Trading is About to Change in Three Major Ways:

You’ll see the markets through the eyes of Wall St. Jesus and Sang Lucci…
through the eyes of a master. Our students suddenly find themselves anticipating instead of reacting, predicting instead of guessing, and trading with drastically more confidence as a result.

You’ll learn advanced equity and options strategies that will allow you to better capitalize and manage risk…

around the moves you now see with so much more clarity. Armed with strategies for every account size, timeframe, and risk appetite, you’ll be ready to attack any market condition.

You’ll get out of your own way!
Once you know what to do, the only thing that can stop you is yourself. Our no BS approach to trading psychology shows you how you’re sabotaging yourself, and how to stop.

You Will Learn:

1. Professional Equities and Options Trading

  • Utilize tactics for all market conditions, time horizons, and income goals.
  • Learn advanced methods for risk management, equities and options combo plays, and specific strategies focusing on elements like vol and time decay.

2. Flow Trading

  • Transform “Wiseguy Activity” into your source of Alpha.
  • Ride the momentum created by institutions instead of getting crushed by it!

3. Tape Reading

  • Integrate the most advanced form of momentum analysis into your trading.
  • Find confirmation not just on what to trade, but also HOW and WHEN to trade it.

4. Trading Psychology

  • Master the most difficult part of trading: controlling your own mind.
  • Understand yourself as a trader and how to overcome the challenges unique to your personality, risk appetite, account size, and experience.

MASTER COURSE BONUS Lucci’s Options Writing Strategy.

  • Use institutional options selling strategies to put the probabilities in your favor.
  • Turn the source of your losses into a tool for generating profits in multiple market conditions.

Worth: 3,500$
Sales Page:

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