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RTM academy Forex Course

RTM academy Forex Course – by Ifmyante Download For Free

About RTM Academy

The market is the arena for a perpetual game of Cat and Mouse. The mice keep coming, but the cats always prevail. The cats have never needed elaborate tactics to win the game; they’ve always simply used their size, and the fears and hopes of the mice, to their advantage.

In RTM Academy, you’ll learn the tricks the market movers play on the rest of the market, and, more important, you’ll learn the rules which they themselves have created and live by. You’ll learn to read the entire story of price, and accurately predict where it will turn.

Our Philosophy

If you see a piece of truth glistening in the dirt, get down on your knees and gently dig it out, for it’s the greatest treasure you will ever find.

Vision & Mission

Knowledge transfer enabling students mastery of the market to support themselves and flourish as a responsible citizen globally.


At RTM Academy, we don’t teach how to gamble.
In fact, we’re totally unique in what we do;
we teach how to fully understand the market and the rules that run it,
the algorithms, psychology and electronic, used in market movement, how to read them,
and how to trade right alongside the market movers.

RTM academy Forex Course – by Ifmyante Download For Free
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