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professional trading masterclass

Anton Kreil – Professional Trading Masterclass Download for Free

Professional Trading Masterclass
Creater: Anton Kreil
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Worth: 2,999$

The most comprehensive online trading education in the world

That’s right all the ITPM Professional Masterclass training videos absolutely free. what are widely considered to be the best online courses for retail traders available. All 3 courses are designed specifically for retail traders and aspiring retail traders and deliver a professional trader level education so that retail traders can implement and emulate the same approach used by professional traders.

The Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series is a high-level Professional Grade educational Video Series that is broken down into a format that is understandable to Retail Traders globally.

It is designed to deliver a Professional Trader level education to Retail Traders so that Retail Traders can implement and emulate the same approach as used by Professional Traders at Hedge Funds and Investment Bank Proprietary trading desks in their Retail Brokerage Trading Accounts.

The content of the 28 PTM core course videos are a mixture of an Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements two-day weekend presentation given by ex-Goldman Sachs trader and Managing Partner of the Institute Anton Kreil and includes footage of Anton at his trading desk, teaching you directly as a one to one student.

You will also be provided with footage of computer screen filming in which Anton and Institute Analyst Christopher Quill show you on their computer screens how to implement all of the processes that Professional Traders go through each week in the Stock Market at leading Hedge Funds globally and Proprietary Trading Desks at Investment Banks such as Goldman Sachs in order to be consistently profitable in the Financial Markets.

The PTM Video Series is a pre-requisite course for becoming an Institute Trader however when taking the PTM Video Series and the PFTM Video Series together, Retail Traders become more complete Traders because they can effectively trade both Equities and FOREX in a multi-disciplinary approach.

Anton Kreil – Professional Trading Masterclass Download for Free
Worth: 2,999$
Sales page:

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