Price Action Trading Master Course (Forex and Crypto)

Price Action Trading Master Course (Forex and Crypto) Download For Free

Price Action Trading Master Course (Forex and Crypto) Download For Free

Price Action Trading Master Course (Forex and Crypto)
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Creator – Ibozy Trading

Worth: $99.99

Learn How To Trade Naked Charts From Former Investment Bank Treasurers. From Beginner to Advanced (+50 Live Examples))

What you’ll learn

  • The Logic of Price Action Trading
  • Market Structures
  • How to Draw Efficient Trendlines
  • Different Price Action Trading Styles
  • Breakout Trading Strategies
  • Pullback Trading Strategies
  • Candlestick Formations
  • Fake Breaks
  • Finding Sweet Spots for Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders
  • Blueprint of Successful Trades
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Fibonacci Trading
  • Moving Average Trading
  • Break of Structure
  • What is Trailing Stop Loss and How to Use It
  • Trading Psychology


  • You must know what is Long and Short positions
  • You must know how to place orders


Price action trading is an extremely popular trading approach in trading world. Unlike other trading strategies, it focuses on naked charts and it doesn’t give importance to complex indicators. Price action strategies are the best methods to identify the market structure, if you know how to use it. It is definitely the reflection of the quote: “Simplicity is the most ultimate sophistication”

As the former treasurers of an investment bank who has their income from full time forex and crypto trading at the moment, our aim is to put our favourite strategies one step ahead, by combining the discipline, psychology and by teaching how to create the most efficient trading setups. In the course, we focused on simplicity and kept all the concepts clear and understandable. Moreover, we supported all the concepts with live examples. We structured the course step by step. First, we covered the fundamental parts and then focused on advanced techniques to increase your odds.

You will see the power of price action by combining:


Moving Averages

Fibonacci Retracements

Candlestick Formations

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

Create your own trading setups.

Learn how to enter “high probability” trades

Understand how to use healthy Risk-Reward ratio

Control your psychology

Apply our step by step recipe

Put a side income next to your paycheck

Become a full time forex or cyrpto trader like us (This requires time and experience)

Witnessing the exact approach of professionals to the market will be a strong leverage for your future trades.

So lets start today! No need to lose time!

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wants to learn “Price Action Trading” strategies from A to Z
  • People who wants to trade with naked charts
  • People who know technical analysis but unable to make sustainable profits
  • People who want to create passive income from trading
  • People who wants to learn ‘How to be in top 1%’ and ‘The right approach of professionals’

Price Action Trading Master Course (Forex and Crypto) Download For Free
Worth: $99.99
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