Personal Finance Crash Course: Maximize Your Income

Personal Finance Crash Course: Maximize Your Income Udemy Course Download For Free

Personal Finance Crash Course: Maximize Your Income Udemy Course Download For Free

Personal Finance Crash Course: Maximize Your Income Udemy Course
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Creator – Doug Anton

Sales Price: $18

Take the first step towards financial well being by increasing your income

What you’ll learn

  • How to understand your paystub and where your money goes.
  • How to identify mistakes on a paystub.
  • How to put more money in your pocket sooner by avoiding a tax refund.
  • The differences between health insurance plans and how to compare and contrast.
  • How life insurance works and how to determine if you need it.
  • The many benefits your employer may offer and how to take full advantage of them.
  • How to further your education (cheaply) to bring additional value to your company or organization.
  • How to seek opportunities to invest in yourself.
  • How negotiating your starting salary can lead to tens or thousands of additional dollars in income over your lifetime.
  • A realistic approach to thinking about side income and how to go about getting a side hustle.


  • A desire to improve your financial well being.
  • A willingness to learn!


This course offers a crash course introduction into a variety of ways you can maximize your income. Presented in a simple and down-to-earth manner, we will go over your paystub, how to avoid a tax refund, understanding health insurance and other benefits, opportunities to increase your earning potential, and a realistic strategy to approach side hustles. This course is designed to present useful and practical information in short, informal sections. There are no “get rich quick” schemes, no “but wait, there’s more” moments…just a thoughtful and informed approach to maximizing your information taught and explained by a high school economics teacher. A large emphasis is placed on developing the mindsets and skills needed to maximize your income as opposed to providing bite-sized tidbits of facts or knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to maximize their income and improve their financial well being!


Doug Anton
High School Teacher and Personal Finance Coach

Hi there, my name is Doug Anton and I am a high school social studies teacher, parent, financial coach, and world traveler. I’ve had an interest in the world and how it works since my childhood, and it was no surprise to anyone that knew me that I became a social studies teacher. Over the past ten years of my adult life, I’ve spent my time exploring the world myself, having traveled to 33 different countries, as well as bringing the world to my students inside my classroom. I’ve been lucky to teach my high school students courses about American History, Global Issues, Criminal Justice, Philosophy, and more. I enjoy diving deep into meaningful subjects that are relevant to my students’ lives.

Ever since my dad helped me buy my first stock in 5th grade, I’ve had a special passion for economics and personal finance. Since then, I’ve dedicated countless hours learning about retirement savings, health insurance, budgeting, credit card debt, and many more topics. My favorite course to teach at my school is called “Economics and You” where I bring real-world financial lessons to my teenage students.

I’m hoping to share my passion and expertise in personal finance with the global community through the Udemy platform, and I look forward to learning together with you!

Personal Finance Crash Course: Maximize Your Income Udemy Course Download For Free
Sales Price: $18
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