Option Alpha : Ultimate Option Strategy Guide

Option Alpha : Ultimate Option Strategy Guide Download For Free

Option Alpha : Ultimate Option Strategy Guide Download For Free

Option Alpha : Ultimate Option Strategy Guide
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Creator – Kirk Du Plessis

Worth: $299

Option Alpha Shows You How To Make Smarter Trades So You Can Earn More Money. Say goodbye to unorganized, blind investing and hello to a fresh approach on high probability trading to help you win consistently.

Optionalpha’s Ultimate Option Strategy Guide and all of Optionalpha options trading education material and past trade setups as of July 15th 2014.

Learn How To Make Smarter Option Trades.

With an entire arsenal of charts, strategy guides and video blueprints from one dashboard you’ll finally have everything you need to earn more income and trade
with complete confidence.

This ultimate guide to option selling will helping you quickly understand who the major market players are in the options world and what the obligations and rights are for each.

Honestly, there is no “magic secret” to trading options. It simply comes down to an understanding of risk management, option pricing and strategy selection.

Why Options vs. Stocks?

As you make the transition from being a stock investor to an option trader it would be great to know exactly why options are much more benef…

What Is An Option Contract?
An option contract in its most simple terms is just an agreement between two parties to buy or sell some underlying asset or stock at a pred…

Smart Use Of Leverage
Options offer the ability to customize stock profiting strategies using leverage. But as you know leverage can be good or bad depending on h…

Option Strike Price
Options strike price is the exact price at which you agreed to buy or sell the underlying stock in the future. Another name for the strike …

Option Premiums
The option premium is the price that you pay to acquire the contract and they are mainly determined by two broad categories; extrinsic and i…

Option Expiration
Typically you will enter positions with different expiration month and varying dates. In today’s market there are weekly, monthly and quarte…

Option Contract Multiplier
Option contract multipliers are a way to standardize the trading and pricing of options across such a broad and efficient market such as our…

Profit and Loss Diagrams
As we continue through all of our training videos you’ll see many different types of P&L diagrams. These diagrams help build context around …

Long Call Option Explained
A long call option is the most basic and generally used contract that new traders will use as they transition from stock trading. A call opt…

Short Call Option Explained
Now we are going to start getting a little bit more advanced on our discussion about trading options as we look at shorting call options as …

Long Put Option Explained
A long put option is the second most basic option contract that is traded. With this style of option contract you are expecting the underlyi…

Short Put Option Explained
A short put option strategy is one of the most basic building blocks to income generation with your portfolio. When you sell a put option yo…

ATM, ITM, and OTM Options
Option moneyness is a way to determine where the strike price is of a strategy in relation to the current market value of the stock. There a…

Cash vs. Margin Basics
If you’re feeling confused about the difference between cash and margin requirements for option trading in this video will help explain each…

High Probability Trading Defined
If you’re new to options trading you’ve likely heard from either us or someone else the concept of making high probability trades. But somet…

How To Buy A Call Option
In this quick tutorial we’ll use AAPL stock as an example and go directly to my broker platform and walk through the steps to buy a call opt…

How To Buy A Put Option
In this quick tutorial we’ll again use AAPL stock as an example and go directly to my broker platform and walk through the steps to buy a pu…

Single-Leg vs Multi-Leg
So far in our education we’ve only discussed single leg options. Buying calls and puts. This is where most companies actually stop teaching….

What is the VIX?
The VIX is actually just the ticker symbol of the CBOE Volatility Index or “Fear” Index as most investors call it. The VIX measures implied …

Is Fundamental Analysis Dead?
As we wrap up our discussion on options trading in this section most of you will undoubtedly ask if fundamental analysis is still a top fact…

Course Objectives

What You’ll Learn:

  • What an option contract is and how it’s different from stocks.
  • Option contract specifics including strike price, expiration, premiums, etc.
  • How to leverage option payoff diagrams for building strategies.
  • Multiple examples of buying and selling different types of option contracts.
  • Overview of single-leg vs. multi-leg strategies and high probability trading systems.

Course Intructor

Kirk Du Plessis
Founder & CEO at Option Alpha. Former Mergers and Acquisitions Investment Banking Analyst for Deutsche Bank in New York, REIT Analyst for BB&T Capital Markets in Washington D.C., and consultant for multiple funds, family offices, and financial advisors. He’s been featured in dozens of publications including Barron’s, Smart Money, Forbes, Nasdaq, and MarketWatch.

Option Alpha : Ultimate Option Strategy Guide Download For Free
Worth: $299
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