Nicholas Roberts – Stock Market Magic

Nicholas Roberts – Stock Market Magic Download For Free

Nicholas Roberts – Stock Market Magic Download For Free

Nicholas Roberts – Stock Market Magic
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Creator – Nicholas Roberts

Worth: $99.99

Everything you need to know about getting started as a stock market investor.

Welcome to Stock Market Magic!
Stock Market Magic features 7 video modules that will give you the best possible head-start in a stock market investing career.

Module 1 – Introduction
We start with a lively introduction that outlines everything in the course as you advance from beginner to expert.
The course outline and why this course could be the perfect fit for you.
A big welcome to the Skyforge Academy family.

Module 2 Stock Market Basics
Investment/trading basics explained in layman’s terms as though you’ve never heard of trading before.
Basic terminology with terms you will use every day as a trader.
Charts explained. How to read a market chart, what all the timeframes mean, and much more.

Module 3 – Analysis
Fundamental Analysis. Here you learn the basics of economics and how they influence currency prices. The up’s and down’s of the market will no longer be a mystery to you.
Technical Analysis with a video on each topic including trend lines, cycles, moving averages, support and resistance, and how to put it all together.
Making sense of your analysis. This a critically important skill that will set you above many traders.

Module 4 Placing Trades
How to identify the characteristics of different stock brokers and choose the one thats the best fit for you.
What charting software is and how to get your hands on free, reliable chart software.
How to place orders on the share market.

Module 5 – Risk Management
How to trade without losing all your money. This will ensure you are able to trade profitably for years to come.
How to sleep soundly without worrying about blowing up your account.
How to include safeguards so the process is automated and you can trade without stress.

Module 6 – Options
Introduces the idea that you can purchase insurance for your shares.
How to trade big trades without risking big money.
How to leverage smaller sums of money for big returns.
How to create a monthly passive income from the stock market.

Module 7 – Account Management
The main difference between successful traders and novices.
Money management strategies that will keep you profitable.
Reinvestment strategies to dramatically grow your earnings.
Motivation going forward to stay at the top of your game.

Nicholas Roberts – Stock Market Magic Download For Free
Worth: $99.99
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