My Breakthrough to Success Workshop

My Breakthrough to Success Workshop Download For Free

My Breakthrough to Success Workshop
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Sales Price: $399

It’s an amazing experience.
If you’ve attended, you know.

Every year 400 people gather at a beautiful resort for my esteemed summer training event: Breakthrough to Success™.

We see people turn their lives around in a single week: attendees have breakthroughs in their relationships, their finances, businesses, spirituality, and emotions. There are tears, there is laughter, and there is celebration. You can read some of those stories on this very page.

But there was a downside, too…
The Downside: You Haven’t Attended!

This is the most powerful training event I conduct. I really wish you could attend.
I don’t know why you’re not able to attend. But I have heard from many people just like you, and I know there are plenty of good reasons out there…

For some people, 7 days was simply too long to be away from their homes, families, and jobs.
The 7-day workshop was beyond the financial means for many people.
Breakthrough To Success™ — the live seminar – is only open to 400 people each year, and this last time it sold out months in advance.

Whatever the reason, you now have a second chance!
We’re Bringing The Event To YOU…

We wanted to create a way for people who could not attend the live event to participate and get some of the magic… the transformational power of Breakthrough to Success™.

Breakthrough to Success™ is one of the most (if not only) comprehensive and effective personal growth trainings in the world – it’s your fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to:
Transition from where you are to where you want to be (what do you want to change in your life? Eliminate? Improve?).
Breakthrough Resistance and overcome the blocks that are holding you back. (Why is it you “know what to do, but don’t “do what you know?” In this training, you’ll discover these answers – and dissolve your Resistance).
Discover how to put the Law of Attraction to practical use every day (if you’ve read or watched The Secret, and still wonder how to actually use it – this is your answer!)
Use Focusing techniques to achieve optimum performance outcomes (use the proven techniques of super-achievers, Fortune 500 executives, and Olympic athletes to achieve in ways you never thought possible).
Double your income and double your time off (what good is more money if you don’t have more time to enjoy it? You’ll get proven tips that provide you with both.)

Master key disciplines of using your time effectively (once you know these core disciplines, you’ll squeeze triple the productivity out of each hour).
Create a compelling strategy to target absolute financial outcomes (know with precision your financial status, goals, and track your progress with serene confidence).
Actualize clear strategies into your everyday practice to become one of the top 1% in your field (the secrets of “installing excellence” at even minute levels – incremental improvements that produce geometric results).
Use advanced visualization techniques to achieve more positive and quicker results (if you think you know what “visualizing” is all about, chances are you are not using these methods – but in this system you will learn them by heart and use them with ease).
Implement the steps to fully participate and grow in a powerful mastermind alliance (one of the most misunderstood ideas of the 21st century). The Mastermind Alliance can move mountains – (when you use the blueprint we give you).
Shift any remaining negative beliefs from an “I can’t” to an “I can” solution model (and no, this is not about “positive thinking” or “affirmations” – it’s about making a fundamental shift in how you think about life, and we’re going to give you the cutting-edge techniques for instant thought-change).

My Breakthrough to Success Workshop Download For Free
Sales Price: $399
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