Money Psychology — A Proven 5 Step System Download

Money Psychology — A Proven 5 Step System Download For Free

Money Psychology — A Proven 5 Step System
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Creator – Eben Pagan

Original Price: $197

Thousands Of People Have Used To Transform Their Money Habits And Create Massive Wealth

After 10 years of personal experimentation, as well as coaching thousands of students around the world, I’ve developed a unique 5 step system for achieving the success that you want with money and wealth.

I call it “Money Psychology” and it’s the complete training program to help you adopt the mindsets and habits of the super rich and use it to grow your own wealth.

It’s a 10-part audio program and it’s been created by me personally to help you take control of your financial destiny.

Now you can go read books on your own… you can do your own research… you can find other mentors… but I recommend you take advantage of the 20 years of research that I’ve put into this amazing audio program.

What’s Inside The Program:

10 full length audio training sessions to rewire your money psychology and take control of your financial destiny

Real world exercises to help you implement what you learn immediately

Quick Reference Session Summaries so you can get all the key takeaways at a moment’s glance

In this high impact audio program, I’ll peel away your negative beliefs around money, so you can finally create the money and wealth you want


  • The 5 layers you must put in place to make sure you are continually increasing the value you create and the money you make starting immediately
  • How to handle temporary failures and set backs along the way without giving up
  • How to identify the hidden negative beliefs that you inherited about money and how to reprogram yourself on an unconscious level to get past them. (We use VERY powerful mental programming techniques to get you past the unconscious blocks you inherited)
  • How I get successful people and money masters to attend events, masterminds, and other meetings so I can learn from them directly (I’ve put together a lot of high level meetings with very successful people and I’ll teach you how to do that)
  • The 5 key money making skills essentially EVERY self made millionaire I know has learned
  • The 3 Types of Money Making Machines that you need to build and how to do them in the most profitable order
  • The 4 stages you go through on your way to financial independence and how to win the game at each stage (Believe it or not, you actually go through completely different stages on your path to wealth, I’ll show you how to win at each level so you actually create the lasting wealth that you desire)
  • How to avoid the #1 ‘Achilles Heel’ mistake that causes people to lose all their wealth (even if they’ve spent years building it)

Value Added Bonuses

Bonus #1:
My 10 Biggest ‘Personal’ Lessons With Money And Wealth

You’ll get an additional bonus audio training session that’s not included in the regular “Money Psychology” program. This is an extra full length audio session where I walk you through the 10 most important lessons that I’ve ever learned about money including personal stories about exactly how I learned them.

Bonus #2:
My “Self-Made Wealth” Orientation Training

You’ll also get an additional video training pulled directly from my high-end “Self Made Wealth” program. This is an advanced wealth creation course I sell regularly for $997, yet you’re going to get the full orientation training session in the program for free. You’ll learn a TON about money and wealth in this 88 minute video training and it’s truly worth its weight in gold.

Bonus #3:
The Niche Intelligence Report

The last bonus you’ll receive is my ‘Niche Intelligence Report’. This is a full length ebook where I teach you exactly how to find highly profitable niches for your online business. You’ll discover 29 of the hottest proven ‘information product’ niches working right now PLUS the step by step strategies for getting a piece of the action.

Money Psychology — A Proven 5 Step System Download For Free
Original Price: $197
Mega Download Link
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