MindValley – Lee Holden – Modern QiGong

MindValley – Lee Holden – Modern QiGong Download For Free

MindValley – Lee Holden – Modern QiGong Download For Free

MindValley – Lee Holden – Modern QiGong
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Creator – Lee Holden

Worth: $2000

Modern Qigong

With Qigong Master Lee Holden As Your Guide, Gain A Rewarding And Easy Daily Qigong Practice That Keeps You Strong, Mobile & Energized At Any Age. Get Access To The Modern Qigong Program Now As A Mindvalley Member

A program for the seeker of a healthier, stronger, calmer body, mind, and soul

What if youthful energy and vitality wasn’t just for the young?

What if getting weak, withered, and tired was a bitter pill you didn’t have to swallow?

And what if you could keep moving, exploring, performing, and evolving like someone in the prime of their life – even well into your golden years?

According to the ancient practice of Qigong, this is not a fantasy. But rather your natural birthright, awakened by harnessing the bio-electric life force energy – ‘Qi’ – inside you and all around you.

For over 4,500 years, Qigong practitioners have applied this remarkable body of knowledge to achieve what many in the West would consider impossible:

A lifetime of youthful vitality, mobility, wellness, and mental clarity – regardless of age.

In recent years, clinical studies and the scientific method have been applied to verify these claims: and what we now know as fact is astounding.

A simple Qigong practice, in just a few minutes a day, can completely transform you. Mind, body, and soul.

From reversing aging, to improving organ functions, to banishing stress, anxiety, and even physical pain: the rewards are vast and profound.

Qigong is for everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle, or physical ability.

And the Modern Qigong program with Lee Holden – one of the Western world’s foremost Qigong experts and pioneers – is your opportunity to enjoy the life-changing benefits of this ancient practice for yourself.

Heal, Rejuvenate & Recharge With Nature’s Greatest Medicine

Modern Qigong is a 30-day online journey into Qi: the natural life force energy that exists inside you and all around you.

Qi – pronounced ‘chee’ – channels life, momentum, and vitality into everything. And Qigong is the art and science of harnessing this energy to heal and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

With Lee Holden’s guidance, you’ll discover how to unblock your Qi. How to expand and strengthen it. And how to channel it towards different goals and outcomes: whether it’s recharging your body’s batteries, reversing the effects of aging, stress, and illness, or simply to get back in flow so you can feel and perform at your best.

And no, you won’t need to commit to any esoteric practices or spiritual complexities.

Because as millions of people can attest to, Lee has a gift for teaching Qigong through simple exercises anyone can do. And that transform you in just a few enjoyable minutes a day.

MindValley – Lee Holden – Modern QiGong Download For Free
Worth: $2000
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