Market Geometry Intensive Course By Timothy Morge

Market Geometry Intensive Course By Timothy Morge Download For Free

Market Geometry Intensive Course By Timothy Morge Download For Free

Market Geometry Intensive Course By Timothy Morge
FREE Download – Mega Link
Creator – Timothy Morge

Total Value: $21,800

Mentoring with Professor Timothy Morge

Life and trading are conundrums: Make money trading and then pay to learn to trade better with that money? Or…Pay to learn to a solid trading foundation and then put your hard earned money on the line – after the University education. Only you can decide what path you are going to take.

No matter what your level of trading expertise, one on one mentoring will make a tremendous difference in your trading results.

Why Mentoring?

I have mentored over 6,500 people at every stage of development: From absolute beginners all the way to Hedge Fund managers with billions under management. In all cases, mentoring begins with you getting to know us and at the same, we spend time learning where you are in your ability to read price and create a map on a chart. We also keep a close eye out to see if we can get a feel for your money management abilities, as well as your ability to control yourself when you trade.

As we get into actual trades or trade set ups, we often do bar by bar playback analysis live with the student, so they can ask questions of us as Market Structure forms, for instance. This also allows us to analyze just how much a student can see in an environment that is as close to live trading as possible; this is especially useful when a student comes to us that understands our general methods but is having problems finding trade entries.

At this point, we will also begin to spend a greater portion of our time on money management and risk reward – because a student will not be equipped to become a profitable trader if they are not immersed in solid money management. And if we also give them a good appreciation of the correct use of risk reward, they have a much better chance at becoming and staying profitable.

We’ll also be spending a good deal of time on ‘frames’ and making certain a student is trading in the correct time frame. And throughout this process, there is a constant emphasis on record keeping: Trade Plans are required for each trade and ongoing Trade Journals are encouraged.

Mentoring can go in many directions after the basics are covered to our satisfaction – generally, the direction comes after we evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses or we will head in a given direction because it fits the needs of a particular student.

Mentoring is booked in six or twelve session blocks, and your mentoring sessions are generally booked about once every four to eight weeks.

You may wonder if all students are finished after one twelve month round of mentoring sessions. The truth is, some traders are finished after twelve months and some traders wish to extend their mentoring for additional sessions, usually because they are still working on improving one or more areas of their trading or because they want to pursue advanced topics with us, in a one on one environment.

Prerequisite to Mentoring

Only students who have completed at least six months of classes in either Market Maps Premium Sessions or Breakfast With The Master can qualify for consideration in my mentoring program. The reason is we need to get to know each other before beginning the one-on-one process. Before signing up and committing time and money to my training programs watch us on our Market Geometry YouTube Channel and/or view my lecture videos on the Interactive Brokers Education website.

Mentoring spots for me are currently full.

If you meet the above prerequistes and are ready to take your training to the next level you will need to leave a deposit of $3,000 to save a spot on the waiting list. We will notify you when your place in line comes up. The deposit will be credited against the total charge – depending on whether you want a six session ($9,980) or twelve session ($18,980) block. Payment in full is required before sessions can begin.

Market Geometry Intensive Course By Timothy Morge Download For Free
Value: $21,800
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