Mark Stone – Order Flow Analysis

Mark Stone – Order Flow Analysis Download For Free

Mark Stone – Order Flow Analysis Download For Free

Mark Stone – Order Flow Analysis
FREE Download Link
Creator – Mark Stone

Worth: $499

New to order flow analysis? Learn about order flow trading origins, the pioneering software from OFA, and how to understand bid-ask volume using our groundbreaking technical analysis.

We are here to make sure that you are able to excel with this revolutionary view of the market. Our master traders end most days in the green because they understand how to leverage the information revealed in the OFA tools.

The Order Flow Analytics team offers training events and educational courses to get you on your feet and lead you toward trading success using order flow analysis.

We offer an insightful, interactive futures training course with master trader Mark Stone. The Beat the Market with Mark Stone recorded 20+ hour training course will help chart a path for success using OFA to make trade decisions. Mark has helped hundreds of novice and experienced traders to improve their trade decisions with OFA.

During the course, you’ll learn:

  • How OFA sits within your charting program
  • Detailed explanations of each of the seven OFA indicators
  • Trade setup
  • Volume profiling – the right way
  • 7 elements of a volume profile
  • How to manage risk using OFA
  • Pattern recognition
  • Trading the ES with OFA
  • Putting it all together with a trading plan

OFA Elite Room with Laura Essay
One of the most experienced OFA traders, Laura Essay focuses trading on the liquid ES contracts. She has informed hundreds of e-mini traders in how to get the most out of the OFA solution and what to look for in the ES market. You get to follow a master trader focused on the active ES and see how the revolutionary order flow trading approach works. As an OFA software license holder you can access this room for $197.00 month to month in the OFA Client Portal.

Following Laura, you learn:

  • Volume profiling strategies
  • Volume cluster analysis
  • Pattern recognition
  • Decision point targeting
  • Risk management

Mark Stone – Order Flow Analysis Download For Free
Worth: $499
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