Kenrick Cleveland – Unconscious Neuro Modelling – Unified & Complete

Kenrick Cleveland – Unconscious Neuro Modelling – Unified & Complete Download For Free

Kenrick Cleveland – Unconscious Neuro Modelling – Unified & Complete Download For Free

Kenrick Cleveland – Unconscious Neuro Modelling – Unified & Complete
FREE Download – Mega Link
Creator – Kenrick Cleveland

Sales Price: $297.00

What was Albert Einstein referring to in the quote above?

Only one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting ahead in life.

Because if you want to be truly great at something… you need to first find someone who has already accomplished what you want and then…

Know… not just how they do what you want to do – but their thoughts behind it.

As Albert said… “the rest are details”.

This is the quickest way to Mastery.

In the past, this was achieved by becoming someone’s apprentice… Spending countless hours with them to be able to model their behaviors and actions.

Not anymore! Introducing…

Unconscious Neuro Modeling™

Because this program is like none other…

The primary goal… is not to provide you with a bunch of techniques.

But give you an already complete solution… plug and play…

Where you will model the thoughts, behaviors and skills of people who have already accomplished what you want… and make them your own!

And all from the comfort of your home.

Let me ask you…

Does that sound like something you would be interested in?

I would hope so.

Continue Watching the Video, then read the information below to discover how the simple three step Unconscious Neuro Modeling process™ will forever change the way you learn.

Making it Faster… Easier… and more FUN than you ever thought possible.

The 3 Step Unconscious Neuro Modeling Process™

1. UNM is an extremely powerful process where you will be using profound brain wave states to pickup the desired skills, behaviors and abilities of the person you are modeling.

But it also works in reverse… where you can pick up “negative” attributes of the person you choose to model.

So, during Step 1 of the Unconscious Neuro Modeling System™, we have included a layer of protection for you. Without this, we would not release this program to the public.

This layer of protection is achieved through our program – The Power Of Being.

During Step 1, you will imprint what we call a “Being” Statement into your neurology through our Neuro Imprinting Sessions™. The “Being” Statement acts like our cells membranes to only let the good stuff in and keeps the bad stuff out.

During Step 1, you will imprint what we call a “Being” Statement into your neurology through our Neuro Imprinting Sessions. The “Being” Statement acts like our cells membranes to only let the good stuff in and keeps the bad stuff out.

This is mandatory for all students. If you do not already own the Power Of Being program, it will be provided for you as a bonus for this program along with a PDF containing several different examples for you to use or modify – making this a simple and easy process.

After you pick your “Being” Statement to imprint, you will continue to imprint the statement over the next 5 days. All you need to do is load the session onto your mp3 player or Kasina, sit back and relax.

1. Deep Theta brainwave states is the gas that drives the Unconscious Modeling Process. And while we are naturally in this state during childhood – when we are modeling the world and people around us – we naturally lose this ability when we are adults.

This is a much deeper state than our regular Neuro Imprinting Sessions™ that come with all our programs.

​And to be able to train yourself to enter and hold this state a Kasina Light and Sound Machine is required.*

Mediators can spend thousands of hours to train themselves to reach and hold this deep on a Theta state – but through this program, using the 6 Neuro Imprinting Sessions™ and the Kasina, you will shortcut the process and achieve the same results in days… not years.

Using our Neuro Imprinting Technology™ and the Kasina, you will condition your mind to enter into deep Theta States on command and be able to hold that state while reading, watching video or listening to audio.

All you will need to do is load one of the 6 Neuro Imprinting Sessions™ that are available during this step onto your Kasina… sit back, relax and follow a few simple instructions. You will do a session a day for a total of 9 days… It’s that easy!

*If you do not already own a Kasina, please be sure to choose the package that contains one. The Kasina regularly sells for $349 plus Shipping but during this special offer… you can invest in one for only $249 plus Shipping. We have made a special deal with the manufacturer to discount the price of the Kasina for this program since it is required. Even if you already own one, you might want to pick up a second for a friend or family member, since you will never see the Kasina offered for this little.

3. Here is where the real fun begins. Now that you have your layer of protection so you don’t pick up any negative attributes of your model and you conditioned your mind to enter and hold profoundly deep levels of the Theta State on command – we can start the modeling process.

Modeling is all about picking up the behaviors, skills and attributes of the person who has already accomplished what you want to do.

​In the past, this was best achieved by becoming someone’s apprentice. Spending countless hours with them to learn not only how they do what they could do but why they did it… their thought process behind it… their secrets to achieving greatness.

But now with Unconscious Neuro Modeling™, you will drastically shortcut this process and become anyone’s apprentice, dead or alive, from the comforts of your own home – and accelerate the learning process for any skill or behavior you want to acquire.

And as I mentioned in the video, during this program, you will start with me as your model… so that you can accelerate your abilities using the skills and strategies you have been developing to get others to say YES to you.

The first part Modeling process is to have a deep understanding of your model. This is where your unconscious mind is given everything it needs to lock into the beliefs, values, emotions and thought patterns of the model.

I have recorded over 4 hours of in-depth information where I peel back the curtain of many aspects of my life – some I never thought I would share in public.

I do ask you to keep these recordings private since I reveal very personal information.

And by the time you finish listening to these audios you will understand exactly who I am and what drives me to do what I do.

The next part is “stepping” into the model while in the deep Theta State. You will do this while reading, listening or watching your model – so your unconscious mind imprints the behaviors and skills you want to acquire. This is a very similar process that Method actors use to become their characters – but here we are doing it at a much more profound level.

You will be provided with all the material you need to go through this process – it’s plug and play.

That is one of the reasons this program is so revolutionary – there is nothing you need to do besides load the sessions onto your Kasina and follow some simple instructions.

We have taken this proven process… which once took hundreds of hours to learn… and created a simple step-by-step system that anyone implement can benefit from in a very short period of time.

*FYI: Currently, we have two more models you can benefit from: Dr. Milton Erickson and Gerry Spence (famed trial attorney who never lost) – and we will be adding more to pick from in the future. You’ll have a full library at your fingertips.

About The Primary Model: Kenrick E. Cleveland

For over three decades, KENRICK E. CLEVELAND has dedicated himself to perfecting the techniques, the skill, the “art” of influence. He is known worldwide for his charismatic teachings in sales and conversational persuasion and… he for his controversial and edgy Dark Side teachings.

Drawing from a diversified career base that includes an extensive sales background coupled with experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, Kenrick has created a model of persuasion that is so effective that it remains the benchmark of excellence in this field.

Specific to modeling Kenrick… you will have access to in depth interviews and videos for your unconscious mind to absorb the skills and strategies he has created for influencing others.

Kenrick Cleveland – Unconscious Neuro Modelling – Unified & Complete Download For Free
Sales Price: $297.00
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