Forexiapro – Multi-Fractal Markets Advanced Course

Forexiapro – Multi-Fractal Markets Advanced Course Download For Free

Forexiapro – Multi-Fractal Markets Advanced Course
FREE Download – Mega Link
Creator – Forexia

Worth: $850

What will I learn?

– Thorough explanation of how the Forex Dealers create specific patterns to induce an emotional state of trauma into retail traders.
– Important price action basics and advanced concepts, specially designed to read market sentiment and structure.

– In-depth walkthrough of Market Manipulation tactics with real market data.
– Entry and Exit strategies that will help you secure trades with practically ZERO drawdown.

The world’s first market manipulation academy

What started as a Youtube channel that helped traders understand how the market is manipulated is now one of the most complete source of information, trading analysis and market price predictions.

Forexia is not just an academy now, we are a community of traders sharing their knowledge, we provide a set of tools to make your trading experience even better

Our Experience speaks for us

Through our years of teaching we’ve come along with traders who had their whole perspective of Forex changed. We can proudly say that our courses and the information we share have changed some of our traders lives for the best.

Dylan Shilts

My forex trading journey started back in 2015 during this time I was also working my first ever job, as a cashier at a bowling alley.
To say the least, I did not enjoy selling my life away at $7.25/hour, working up to 10 hours per day I would be exhausted by the time I came home. Upon coming home, I would settle in and use the rest of the night to study and backtest charts.

The first 6 months of trading were the hardest of my entire journey. I have never been lied to so much in my entire life. I remember the countless hours spent trying to understand how to properly plot levels of “support and resistance” or how many times I was screwed over trying to “follow a trend” until one day it clicked – Why the hell am I consuming and using the same information as the majority? Is it not true that the majority loses over 90% of the time?!

Before my venture in Forex, I studied the human mind. Specifically – Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics, the subconscious and psychology. After months of consecutive losses, I decided to put what I know about psychology into the basic structure of the market. I came up with a way to completely reverse engineer the thought process of a propaganda filled retail trader. Using this reverse thought process to my benefit in understanding how smart money thinks in ANY given situation.

I am now a full time trader living in my dream home in the mountains of Costa Rica. I want to teach you exactly how I was able to reverse engineer the mindset of an average retail trader, thus unlocking the secrets of how a market maker thinks. My vision for Forex Investors Alliance and the Academy is to create an Alliance of traders that understand this market better than all others. A master-mind of individuals – Superior Traders at their best.

Forexiapro – Multi-Fractal Markets Advanced Course Download For Free
Worth: $850
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