Forex Course – How to Draw a Trendline Correctly

Forex Course – How to Draw a Trendline Correctly Download For Free

Forex Course – How to Draw a Trendline Correctly

Forex Course – How to Draw a Trendline Correctly
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Creator – Danilo Farina

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Recognize False Breakout, True Rebounds and Continuations of the Trend. Supports/Resistances and Japanese Patterns.

Course Description

Learn more precisely Where the Prices can Rebound into a trend, Avoid False Breakouts, use Trend-Following Strategies with more success and Better Identify Technical Analysis Shapes.

The Right Positioning of a Trendline can Help You to:

  1. Anticipate where the prices can rebound in order to enter in favour of a trend
  2. Develop true strategies in favour of a trend
  3. Understand when a trend is ending and shapes of reverse and continuation technical analysis could create
  4. Increase the performances of your trading strategies

I’ll teach you the main principles which I use to identify rebounds on the trendlines and false breakouts. Then we can practice through exercises and analysis to learn which is the better way to draw a trendline. You will learn to recognize false breakouts of supports, resistances and trendline thanks to the patterns of the Japanese candlestick.

From 4 years ago I live off trading and from 2 years ago I live off my income in the Canary Islands. Any strategy or technical analysis with reverse or continuation shape which I use, is based on a good drawing of the trendline. This is why this course is free.


To follow the course it is important to have installed a trading platform and to know the basics about trends and Japanese candles.

I didn’t teach you a trading strategy, the course involves a general training.

Course Outcomes

  • You will learn how to draw correctly a trendline and how analyze a trend and a chart with more confidence.
  • You will be more confidence analyzing the shapes of technical analysis, most of all are based on the identification of a trend.
  • It is more precise in the identification of the right point where it is possible to have a rebound of the prices and then entering in a market.

Course Details

Target Audience
The people who dont know exactly what they have to consider drawing a trendline, so bodies, shadows, minimums, closures, etc.
This is a course addresses to people who are learning to analyze charts and who want to improve
The people who arent confident with the technical analysis
It isnt suitable for those who are looking for an operational strategy. This course involves a basic training and not strategies.

About Instructor

Danilo Farina – Passive Income Maker (Forex Expert, Professional Investments, Real Estate & Internet Business)

Technical Requirements

It is important to have the basics about candles, bodies, shadows, closing and opening Basic knowledge about what is a trend and what is a trendline To have a trading platform already installed and to know how to use it

Forex Course – How to Draw a Trendline Correctly Download For Free
Sales Price: n/a
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