Fibonacci Swing Trader v 2.0 by Frank Paul Download

Fibonacci Swing Trader v 2.0 by Frank Paul Download For Free

Fibonacci Swing Trader v 2.0 by Frank Paul Download For Free

Fibonacci Swing Trader v 2.0
FREE Download – Mega Link
Creator – Frank Paul
Original Price: n/a

  • Are you looking for a way to trade the Forex that doesn’t require you to micro-manage the trade from start to finish?
  • Do you want to gain more freedom from your dealing window by way of slightly longer-term trading horizons?
  • Is superior Reward-to-Risk performance something your current trading methods fail to deliver?

Dear Trader,

Welcome to our information page for Fibonacci Swing Trader, an exciting foundation course and complementary daily advisory service available exclusively from Whether you’re a newcomer to the markets looking for a system you can quickly make your own, or an experienced market-watcher hungry for a simpler and more effective trading ‘edge’, we believe we have the resources that can help you take your trading to the next level.

Our goal with this page is to provide you all the information you need to determine whether Fibonacci Swing Trader may be right for you, and to answer any questions you might have. Convenient online ordering options are presented at bottom, should you decide to take the next step right now.

What Is It?

Fibonacci Swing Trader is both a foundation course and an advisory service, either of which can be purchased together or separately. Presented by way of fully narrated, richly illustrated content, meticulously compiled by one of our most popular mentors, Frank Paul, the foundation course is available via online access and/or DVD set for permanent reference. All aspects of this eminently practical trading method are explained clearly and comprehensively, providing you the foundation to become an expert-level Swing Trader as quickly as you can roll up your shirtsleeves to master the content. (For those not completely familiar with ‘Swing Trading’, please see the FAQ section below).

*** New for June, 2011: Fibonacci Swing Trader V2.0

After much anticipation, the ‘new and improved’ version 2.0 update of our training course is available now. In fact, as a full member you can enjoy online access to both versions, including the original from October, 2010. V2 has been provided to fully reflect all of the refinements that have been made to the Daily Update service since the original launch, culminating in a superior methodology for reading the market momentum, finding Swing Trade setups, and acting on them in a timely manner.

The V2 course is provided by way of 10 comprehensively narrated and illustrated modules having a combined running time of about 710 minutes – that’s almost 12 hours of detailed instruction! Most training resources on the market today would either charge a fortune for content that deep, or for the same price offer a lot less. Truly, our intention with this offering is to provide unsurpassed value for money.

The 10 individual modules comprising the foundation course are listed below. Simply click the links below to watch a brief preview from each of the modules:


  • Module 1 – Introduction: What It’s All About
  • Module 2 – Chart Layout: Tools, Indicators & Annotations Used
  • Module 3 – The Triple Screen: Both a Scanning Tool and Entry Trigger
  • Module 4 – Drawing Retracement Coordinates: Swing Points and Fibonacci Confluences
  • Module 5 – Rules, Rules, Rules: Entering and Exiting the Trade Smartly
  • Module 6 – Difficult Setups: How to Avoid Them
  • Module 7 – Scaling Up and Down: Position Trading
  • Module 8 – Scaling Up and Down: Day Trading
  • Module 9 – Scaling Up and Down: Scalping
  • Module 10 – Four Sample Trades: Applying the Method

The Daily Update Service provides the perfect complement to the foundation course, whether to help you identify qualified trading opportunities matching the criteria specified in the training course, or simply to reinforce key learnings. The service provides an online-viewable report covering a total of 26 individual Forex pairs which are regularly tracked for tradable trend, Swing Points, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, profit targets – and more! All of this information is compiled in an easy-to-follow Flash PDF format, including annotated chart extract for any pairs offering a valid Swing Trade opportunity. This information is updated each day by 6pm EST (23:00 GMT), and at the end of each week is transferred to an archive, which can be useful for backtesting and other educational purposes. In addition to the daily PDF updates, the Advisory service includes two brief video updates which Frank posts to the member’s page Wednesdays and Fridays each week, providing commentary on current trading conditions and reviewing progress of any live trade opportunities.

The complete array of resources available at the Fibonacci Swing Trader member’s page includes the following:

  • Learning Center: Course Content for versions 1 and 2. Learn the complete Fibonacci Swing Trader methodology right here!
  • Daily PDF Reports: Check in here every day (3pm PST, 6pm EST, 11pm GMT) for our latest daily scan of 26 individual pairs showing you where the Swing Trading opportunities are – complete with chart annotations and all relevant data points.
  • Weekly Video Updates: Twice a week – Wednesdays and Fridays – we bring you a fully narrated video presentation on a relevant topic of interest. Includes a link embedded archive listing of all past weekly reports!
  • Supplementary: Links to tools and resources that will help you apply the FST trading system (including Performance Tracking database, ProScreener and ADR indicators for the ProRealTime platform, Excel Pivot Calculator, and – coming soon – EA tools and resources).


We’re always looking for ways to make a good thing even better, so the next upgrade that is in active development as of June 2011 is a semi-automated EA (Expert Advisor) tool for the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform. Alpha and beta testing work of the now largely finished coding will likely extend through summer 2011 and our goal is to make it available to active members – at no extra charge – by September. Because we firmly believe that fully robotic EA tools are unreliable and over-hyped, our approach involves combining the best of both worlds – human judgment for the pattern recognition task of finding Fibonacci retracement setups (which machine code simply cannot do reliably), and automation for executing an entry when the time is right. Our EA tool will involve inputting just two numbers extracted from the Daily Update report into interface for each chart – and that’s it! Stay tuned for this exciting feature coming your way soon.

What Can It Do For Me?

There are two main things that Fibonacci Swing Trader can do for you:

  1. Show you how to swing trade – simply and effectively. Our 10-step method shows you how to identify a high-probability trading bias (either long or short – never both) based on a combination of just two simple analytical methods applied exclusively on up to three chart timeframes including the Weekly, Daily and 4hr. If the market is trending, we then apply a method of finding dips in the uptrend or rallies in the downtrend (primarily but not exclusively on the 4hr chart) by way of Swing Point analysis, Stochastics confirmation signals, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, and simple confluences of Support/Resistance. Our exit strategy is routine and mechanical, allowing you to take profit at prudent and conservative targets which nevertheless offer the potential for very high Reward/Risk – often in the double digits!
  2. Show you the opportunities and do most of the ‘heavy lifting’. Imagine if you could completely kiss goodbye all the drudgery of chart analysis trying to figure out what the appropriate trading bias ought to be, where the setup might materialize, where you might plan to get out of the trade, and what kind of opportunity that represents. Our Daily Update Service does exactly that – freeing up your time and energy to simply hunt for opportune entry points in line with the near-term forecast. Once in the trade, with Protective Stops and Limit Exits set, the only other consideration for you to address is removing risk from the trade as the market moves in the expected direction – and we provide a detailed method of how to do that in the course. Whether you use the Advisory service as a hands-on trading tool, or simply refer to it for the purpose of reinforcing concepts presented in the course, it makes an excellent companion to Fibonacci Swing Trader.

Fibonacci Swing Trading offers you, the trader, the following benefits:

  • Routine method: Learn to do it correctly once and you do it the same way every time – potentially, for the rest of your trading career!
  • Quasi-mechanical application: No guessing or ambivalence about where, when, why or how to get out of the trade.
  • Superior Reward/Risk performance: Always better than 2:1 minimum target, usually looking for 3:1 up to 10:1 or better.
  • Sound system logic: Taking profit on a split position at levels that are usually quite attainable in a trending market.
  • Trading only with the trend: Based on the mantra of ‘buy the dips, sell the rallies’ – putting yourself in the path of least resistance.
  • Cash flow: Taking profits more regularly than would a Position Trader.

What Makes It Different?

Fibonacci Swing Trader is different from the competition in many respects, not only because of its unparalleled logic and through-the-roof Reward/Risk potential, but because unlike many alert services, we don’t presume to tell you what to do (and when) for no clearly stated reason. Hey – if you think you’re doing yourself a favor taking passive, ‘red light/green light’ trading signals from some somebody who doesn’t take the time to explain their methodology, you might find yourself in a vulnerable position when one day that alert service packs up and you’ve learned nothing about how to trade and how to think for yourself as a trader.

Our goal is to instead offer you a rock-solid foundation in Swing Trading, which you can apply with or without the complementary Advisory service; as well as an opportunity identification system that lets you focus all your efforts exclusively on taking the trade having left all the background prep to us. But even if you come to rely heavily on the Advisory service, at least you’ve had the training to know why we make the recommendations we do.

How Do I Get Started?

If interested in proceeding, we strongly suggest you begin with the foundation course, and simply take your time progressing through the materials and practice applying the concepts – first in backtesting mode, then in a real-time demo account. But the best combination of comprehensive coverage and value for money is the full package, which includes the foundation course, and the first month of Daily Update free of charge.

Our convenient ordering options are as follows:

  • DVD Course & Daily Update Service: Includes online course access (good for six months), DVD version of foundation course, and first month of Daily Update Service. Your service subscription will renew automatically at $99/mo. (unless you cancel). – Initial price of $249, optional recurring Advisory service subscription at $99/mo.
  • ONLINE Course and Daily Update Service: Includes online course access only (good for six months), and first month of Daily Update Service. Your Advisory service subscription will renew automatically each month at $99/mo (unless you cancel) – Initial price of $199, optional recurring Advisory service subscription at $99/mo.
  • Daily Update Service only: Includes a monthly recurring subscription to the Advisory service only, no access to foundation course. Can be canceled at any time, but please note we do not process partial refunds for any unused portion of a current month subscription. – Initial and ongoing subscription rate of $99/mo.

We thank you for your interest in Fibonacci Swing Trader and look forward to having you join our growing base of empowered, profit-making Forex traders soon!

Fibonacci Swing Trader v 2.0 by Frank Paul Download For Free
Original Price: n/a
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