Exact Trading – Price Action Trader Course

Exact Trading – Price Action Trader Course Download For Free

Exact Trading – Price Action Trader Course
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Disgruntled Bank Employee, Fed Up with The Lies and Deceit, Reveals..
How The Forex Markets Really Work !!

Dear Forex Trader,

If you have been trading the Forex markets for any length of time, or even if you are completely new to trading, you’ll no doubt pretty soon understand that, winning in the Forex game is pretty darn difficult.

I should know because I have been working in banks and trading financial markets for over 30 years.

But take heart as all is not lost, as Forex can be beaten and the rewards are lucrative.

Once you understand what I am about to tell you, your Forex trading will be revolutionized for ever and you’ll finally start pulling the profits you have been looking for.


YES! Unlocking FOREX UNCENSORED Means You Are Finally..

  • – Making Money With Forex And Being Richly Rewarded For Simple Trades
  • – Starting To Build Your Account Size With Confidence In The knowledge Your Trades Are Winners
  • – Finally Have A Grasp On What We Mean By Price Action Trading Done the ‘Right Way’
  • – Able to spot High Reward High Probability Trades
  • – Have The Understanding And Experience to Know Your Trades Will Nearly Always Be On The Right Side Of the Market
  • – Take Your Trades With Confidence
  • – Apply Proper Money Management Techniques – Controlling Your Losses and Letting Your Winners Breath
  • – Sit Down at Your Trading Screen With Confidence You Are in Control Of Your Trading


Market Footprints

In this video I show you how to spot the tell tale signs on your charts of large traders entering the market.

Make no mistake, in Forex it is impossible for large trades to hide their activity.

Lack of liquidity caused by too many orders on one side of the market results in one thing, prices which move and momentum trades.

This bonus reveals all.


Tokyo Break In

Everyone knows the London Breakout, but how many know the Tokyo break in and the powerful trading strategies which it affords traders, especially those that can trade the Asian time zone.

This video explains how I trade this session and what set ups to look for.

The Tokyo Break In is vital trading knowledge to complete your overall market understanding and trading knowledge..


Auction Theory And Market Partcipants

To be successful trading Forex you need to understand the unique auction theory concepts and manner in which teh Forex business partcicpants conduct their business.

Forex is unique in that it is still a pure OTC(Over the Counter) market with the majority of the 5 billion dollars per day being traded between consenting participants rather than via an exchange.


Understanding Price Action Trading


Forex Levels Genius

Imagine having a product which automatically draws professional bank trader entry and exit levels on your very own MT4 chart. How does that sound ?

Imagine knowing where the most likely turning points in the market are ? Can you see how useful that information would be ?

Well Forex Genius Levels gives you just that, you’ll get a fully fledged state of the art software which runs on MT4 ,which you can apply to your own charts and which will calculate for you the levels that are the most important points for the pair that you trade.

Note that the levels are not Pivot points or Fibonacci levels.

Easy to install, runs on MT4.


Forex Market Making Secrets

If you have been around the Forex game for any length of time you’ll probably have heard stories about the Market Makers and how the market is rigged and the market makers are ganged up against you etc etc etc.

Well I have news for you, the Market Makers come to work like you or I do every day, in order to make money for their bank. In that sense they are no different from you or I, they are just trying to make a living by offering two way prices all day long.

The only real difference is they deal in tens of millions per trade and most other traders are trade a lot smaller size than that.

What is true however, is that they do have some daily price patterns which repeat over and over again which they use to get an edge over the markets. If you understand the Market Maker patterns, you’ll have an enormous edge in the market which you can use to your advantage.

In my guide, I’ll reveal the market maker patterns to you.

Exact Trading – Price Action Trader Course Download For Free
Sales Price: $249
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