[Download] Secrets of a Pivot Boss Bootcamp Training Course

Secrets of a Pivot Boss Bootcamp Training Course download

Secrets of a Pivot Boss Bootcamp Training Course Download

The Secrets of a Pivot Boss Bootcamp Training builds on the foundational concepts and techniques that are taught in the book Secrets of a Pivot Boss. This training teaches traders a pro-style approach to the market, while building an advanced understanding of price-based setups and how to execute entries and manage exits for these setups using advanced techniques.

Worth: $297

Sales page: https://pivotboss.com/spb-bootcamp/

3-Part Secrets of a Pivot Boss Bootcamp Training:

3-Part Training

The SPB Bootcamp training is delivered in 3 parts — Foundational, Setups, and Trade Management, which are designed to teach traders the crucial aspects of identifying, triggering, and managing trades.

Part 1: Getting Started with SPB

Secrets of a Pivot Boss lays the essential foundation for how traders must approach the market, which paves the way for more advanced forms of analysis and techniques. Getting Started with Secrets of a Pivot Boss is designed to supplement the foundational concepts taught in the book to bring you up to speed faster with a pro-style approach that you can trade with confidence.

Part 2: Mastering SPB Price-Based Setups

Mastering SPB Price-Based Setups teaches you 4 powerful price-based setups that can be used in any market by all traders, from scalpers to investors. These high probability setups help you identify remarkable trading opportunities in all timeframes, and can be used to create market scans, mechanical strategies, and fully automated trading systems. This course will explain each of these setups, and will also provide tips and guidelines for qualifying and trading these signals.

Part 3: Executing Pro-Style Entry & Exit Techniques

Executing Pro-Style Entry and Exit Techniques provides the necessary training to execute great entries and manage positions like a pro. This course teaches 2 pro-style entry techniques and 2 pro-style trade management techniques, which are designed to help you trigger fantastic low-risk entries and manage trades from a position of strength. This course will help you negotiate better entries, reduce slippage, limit initial risk, and ultimately mitigate risk in any trade.

Secrets of a Pivot Boss Bootcamp Training Course Download
Worth: $297
Sales page: https://pivotboss.com/spb-bootcamp/
Size: 1.36 GB

[Download] Secrets of a Pivot Boss Bootcamp Training Course

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