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A Process To Bring Clarity And Confidence To Your Trading Strategy

Your Strategy Should Not Be Scattered and Confused

  • My strategy feels very random.
  • I don’t have confidence.
  • My strategy lacks a unified plan of attack.
  • I am looking to transition to something new.
  • I struggle to follow my disorderly rules.
  • My strategy seems muddy and unclear.
  • I have good ideas but can’t turn them into profits.
  • I have drifted from my trade plan due to emotions.
  • I am having trouble getting consistent results.

Is This Opportunity For You?

If Clay was sitting with you right now, in person, and looked you in the eyes… could you answer YES to any of the questions below…

  • If I showed you a simple process to leverage the skills you naturally have, would you be willing to follow it despite the naysayers that may surround you in your daily life?
  • If you feel that you don’t have any idea where to start would you be excited and open-minded to listen to feedback and suggestions from people who used to be where you are, but now are successful traders?
  • Do you realize that there is no such thing as a magical pill or money machine and you actually have to follow what I show you and do the work?
  • Do you have a desire not only make great money but to also leave a legacy and make a positive impact on people around you?
  • Are you ready to unlock the unlimited potential that you have not only as a trader, but as a person?

If you could answer yes to one or more of the questions above, then you are exactly where you are supposed to be… right now… and here’s why…

For over a decade Clay has traded the markets and since 2013 has helped people take control of their trading, create consistent profits and live the life they desire.

By using years of feedback and communication from past traders he has helped guide, Clay has created a learning experience that stands alone when compared to the competition. The knowledge you will be empowered with will allow you to join in on the unlimited potential of the financial markets.

But how does this apply to you?

If you were able to answer YES to any of the questions above, then The Trading Freedom Pathway process is your map to change your life (and those around you) forever.

This process; designed over several years, was created to help anyone from a veteran trader who already trades for a living to someone who has never made a single trade in their life. Some traders are seeking new opportunities to add profits to their already existing strategies, others are simply wanting to “get involved” in the markets and know they need someone to guide them on their new journey.

Whatever your situation is, my process will give you the control that is required in order to establish yourself as a consistent trader.


Step #1: The Clarity – The process will start by helping you cut through all the useless noise and clutter that bombard us as traders. You will be empowered with the foundational knowledge that will open your eyes to how the markets actually work. In other words, you will know what information to use in your trading strategies, but even more importantly, what information to ignore. By focusing on the information that actually matters you will crush the confusion and create clarity for yourself.

Step #2: The Confidence – After you’ve discovered what information you need to be using and what information you should be ignoring, it is time to understand the tools that will allow you to wisely organize this information in an easy way. A very common problem among traders is some people are overcomplicating these tools while others are oversimplifying them. There is a “middle ground” that must be located and that’s where Clay, as your guide, will provide assistance. When you are done with this step of the process, you will be connected with your confidence knowing that YOU can clarify the information in a way that you ARE confident in.

Step #3: The Creation – At this point you will have complete clarity in regards to what information you should use and ignore. You will also have confidence in how to organize this information properly by using proven tools and techniques that all successful traders use. Next is the creation of trade plans that are clear, have smart rules, and will help you to avoid unnecessary frustration and loses (both of time and money). The focus will be how to create these trade plans as quickly and easily as possible.

Step #4: The Consistency – This is when the process becomes a true game changer for you. When you combine the Clarity and Confidence you’ll have to create trade plans that are quick and simple, you’ll be able to generate profits time and time again. Whether you choose to trade stocks, options, Forex, futures, cryptocurrencies or something else, the key is being able to “do it time and time again” in an overall profitable way. Or summarized in one word: consistency.

This is not a process designed to teach you how to spend hours upon hours digging through financial statements, income statements, balance sheets, SEC filings… and more only to have all of that information change once again a few months later…

This is not a process designed to teach you how to take crazy risks in the hope of “striking it rich overnight”… (I’ve lost more money than I care to admit trying this method)…

This is not a process designed to teach you how to become dependent on someone else…

While all of those are very common in the markets, this process is specifically designed to show you EXACTLY how you can take control of your results and be, NOT dependent, but rather independent and trade profitably all on your own. How nice would it be to have total self-efficiency as a trader and not have to depend on anyone other than the person in the mirror? How nice would it be to not only have self-efficiency but also have it without needing to be chained to your computer at all times during the day? All of this is very possible if you are following the right process…

If you’re ready for that next level of control and freedom then you need to click below and enroll in the my process that has proven to work time and time again!

ClayTrader – Robotic Trading Course
Sale page:

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ClayTrader - Robotic Trading Course [Download Free]

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ClayTrader - Robotic Trading Course [Download Free]

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