Century Capital Group Course

Century Capital Group Course Download For Free

Century Capital Group Course
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Do you have a passion for FOREX?

Are you interested in learning the intricacies of the foreign exchange market and acquiring the skills to trade?

If you said yes to any of these questions then Century Capital Group can provide you with the education needed!

Having taught over 150 people from all over the world, we specialize in mentoring aspiring forex traders irrespective of their level of education on how to trade the markets professionally.

This intensive educational programme is offered via 1-1 personalized training, or group seminars, or online learning.


Our course is designed to teach you everything you’ll need to know to become a self sufficient trader in the Foreign Exchange Market. We cover every aspect of trading, from Psychology to Fundamental both Macroeconomic and Microeconomic alongside the art of Technical Analysis on the highest and most professional level

The duration of the course is anywhere from 6.5-30 hours in length (including follow up sessions) All of the lessons are done via Skype where both the Student and the Educator can share their screens and video record the sessions for later use.

Century Capital Group covers over 17 modules pertaining to the Forex Market. You are firstly introduced to the history, charting software, different styles of trading. We then dive into the world of Fundamental Macro + Microeconomics, teaching you how to minimize your risk and then followed by Advanced Technical analysis as well as a “tying it all together” session where we add all aspects of Forex Trading to solidify your knowledge on the financial markets.

After the personalized mentorship has been complete, the student has 24-7 access to us and can always request additional support and skype sessions . Every student also gets enrolled into a Support Channel where we have the 25+ hour digital version of our course plus a 50+ page 2.0 version Booklet that is heavily centred around current market conditions and some of our tricks and hacks we use on a daily basis to trade in these markets.

In the Support Channel you receive Before and After trade breakdowns, Weekly Markets breakdowns in screenshot and video formats. There is videos done to ensure that everyone of our students can go back and see what opportunities us experts, saw in the past trading week.

Century Capital Group Course Download For Free
Worth: $1999
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