Blank Check Trading System and Training by Allen Sama

Blank Check Trading System and Training by Allen Sama Download For Free

Blank Check Trading System and Training by Allen Sama Download For Free

Blank Check Trading System and Training by Allen Sama
FREE Download – Mega Link
Creator – Allen Sama

Original Price: $997

Who It’s For

Close to Retirement

You’re building your nest egg and would like it to grow faster without taking excessive risk.

You also realize that no financial advisor cares more about your money than you do.

It’s time to take control of your destiny.

Now it the time to learn a proven, simple, trading style that can provide income and growth for years to come and that allows you to have the time to enjoy life on your terms.


Every dollar is crucial to you. There’s no telling how long you will need your savings to last and it would be fabulous to be able to stop worrying about the money running out.

Your golden years are meant to be enjoyed with peace of mind.

You might be a “senior” but it’s never too late to get started.

Our strategies are simple to understand and learn. They generate income and growth that you can take out and enjoy or leave in your account to grow.

Learn at your own pace… we are here to help.

Trade for a Living

There’s a reason the best investors/traders in the world use these strategies: because they work.

Folks like Warren Buffet, Jim Rogers, Carl Ichan, Mark Cuban, Jim Cramer, and many more.

Forbes magazine constantly runs articles urging its readers to add option selling strategies to their portfolios.

Trading is a business – and every business needs predictable revenue (income). Our startegies are the best way to have a reliable, predictable, trading business.

Put the odds in your favor, let’s get started today.

Starting Out

The majority of option traders lose money. Why?

Because they do not understand that the options game is rigged against option buyers.

Option Sellers make the bulk of the profits by being the house (casino) while the option buyers are the gamblers. And everyone know, the house always wins.

While most investors are ecstatic with 10% yearly returns, our style aims to make 10% MONTHLY gains. Even if we only make 5% a month, our returns are well above the averages.


“How To Finally Be a Profitable Trader By Winning on 90% of your trades in just 20 minutes a day by trading in the “underground” market that is easier to trade than stocks, bonds, forex,or just about anything else you have traded before.”

Blank Check Trade Rules
Below are the rules I have created/discovered. As the months went on, I added and tweaked until I found a good combination that works for me.
Depending on your temperament you can tweak some of these to make your trading more or less exciting.

  1. Mainly Puts. Calls only when puts in trouble
  2. Only nakeds
  3. Front month options. Try not to overlap. 35 DTE
  4. Use up to 1/2 of account. 1/3 when getting in. always have 1/3 in reserve
  5. Enter at about 10 delta
  6. Look at support resistance before entering trade
  7. Never sell for less than .20 credit
  8. Enter puts on down day, enter calls on up day
  9. Exit when at .10 debit or below with more than 2 weeks left
  10. Exit before final week- margin gets too high
  11. Don’t take risks after hitting monthly goal
  12. If more than 2% move in opposite direction, exit. Then reenter Puts on down day (moving in and out to take profits)
  13. Adjust at .20 delta
  14. To adjust exit all and sell so new credit equals debit
  15. Don’t lose more than 3x your goal in a month

Blank Check Trading System and Training by Allen Sama Download For Free
Original Price: $997
Mega Download Link
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