Advanced Stock Options Daytrading by Chart Pattern Trading

Advanced Stock Options Daytrading by Chart Pattern Trading Download For Free

Advanced Stock Options Daytrading by Chart Pattern Trading Download For Free

Advanced Stock Options Daytrading by Chart Pattern Trading
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Creator – Allen Maxwell, Scott Paton, Scott Alex, Mark Iddon

Worth: $99.99

Day Trading Stock Options as a Profitable Business using Chart Pattern Trading

What you’ll learn

  • Master all parts of Options Day Trading
  • Be professional in their approach to trading. Be thorough in the places that need it.


  • Complete our course number 2 and some experience as a trader
  • You’ve got the basic concepts. You’re clear on the Mindset aspects (very very very important). You know the purpose of the indicators and how the market moves about. And you’re treating this like a business or profession, so you want to be thorough. Note: This course refers to some proprietary indicators because they work better than the old indicators. They are available to you with the software. Success may cost a few dollars but failure to act can affect a whole lifetime.
  • What stocks and options are and how to trade them


This advanced course is for graduates of our beginner and intermediate courses on trading stock options and Chart Pattern Trading. DO NOT take it if you have not taken our other courses. You will not understand it.

It presumes a strong foundation in how the stock markets work, how our proprietary software, Waves of Profit, works. And that you have been trading successfully, but want to improve.

If you have taken our courses, you know who we are and you know that we answer your questions and comments very quickly. You know that there is tremendous support in our private Facebook group, which you receive access to as a graduate of this course.

In this advanced level course, you will

Delve deeper into the Waves of Profit software, how to understand how to use the Replay functions to fine tune your trading.
Discover how to transition smoother from Replay to actual live trading
Learn how to set up the buy/Sell buttons
Dive further into your subconscious mind to prevent your self-sabotaging behaviors from destroying your account
See how to handle a bad trade, so that it doesn’t snowball into financial catastrophe
Learn the mindset of a professional trader
And much more
Successful traders join us to share their secrets to successful trading.

In the final section, we dig into the bowels of the Waves of Profits software and teach you the small features in the program which will give you massive advantages in the Options market.

Many, if not all, of these indicators are exclusive to the software, created over fourteen plus years of intensive testing, back-testing and calculations. We took indicator ideas and concepts from the Forex market and tested them on Options. Tweaked them. And the ones that worked, we incorporated into the software.

Now that you are familiar with the software, it is time to take your trading to the next level.

This course is not a mass market course. Only graduates of our earlier courses should take it.

Who this course is for:

  • Stock Option Traders
  • Interested in Options trading

Advanced Stock Options Daytrading by Chart Pattern Trading Download For Free
Worth: $99.99
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