Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Download

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Download

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Download

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Download for free. Here are some details about this course.

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training
Learn and Use the Future of JavaScript – today

What you’ll learn in this course

  • Understand and Use the new Features and Concepts introduced with ES6
  • Get an Overview over the Language Additions and Changes
  • Confidently apply the new Syntax, new APIs and other new Features in Web Applications


  • Basic to advanced JavaScript knowledge or resources on ES5 JavaScript follow along, are required
  • Basic Web Development Skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are assumed
  • Advanced JavaScript Knowledge is a Plus

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have experience with “current-generation” JavaScript (ES5) and know the basics of the language
  • Students also taking my JavaScript Bootcamp course to have a nice follow-up on it
  • Everyone interested in the new Features and Additions, ES6 brings to JavaScript

Featured review

Vladimir Jovanović ( 131 courses, 8 reviews )
I like how Max explains everything so clearly. I have been struggling with JS for some time trying to learn it on my own, but this course really helped me to understand basic concepts of this language. Now I can continue to expand that knowledge on my own. Can’t wait to start with his next course.

Course contentTotal 114 Lectures
Introduction5 lectures
Syntax Changes & Additions16 lectures
Modules & Classes17 lectures
Symbols6 lectures
Iterators & Generators8 lectures
Promises8 lectures
Extensions of Built-in Objects9 lectures
Maps & Sets12 lectures
The Reflect API10 lectures
The Proxy API9 lectures
Course Project12 lectures
Course Wrap Up2 lectures

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Download
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4.7 (3,309 ratings)
18,784 students enrolled
Created by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

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