8th Dimension Academy (SamadhiFX)

8th Dimension Academy (SamadhiFX) Download For Free

8th Dimension Academy (SamadhiFX) Download For Free

8th Dimension Academy (SamadhiFX)
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Creator – SamadhiFX

Worth: $600

Cristian (Samadhi)
Hey I’m Cristian (SAMADHIFX)!

I have been trading for almost two years.

At the beginning like most of us, I found many difficulties especially because in the forex industry, there are many “gurus” who sell courses based on retail theories that will never get you anywhere.

Fortunately, I found Smart Money almost immediately, which allowed me to regain confidence in myself and a true understanding of markets.

I built a simple and effective plan with their help that completely changed my career as a trade

Chan (Rightness Trading)

Greetings! My name is Chan, but you also might know me by Rightness Trading.

I’ve been in the forex industry for 6 years.

Through the highs and lows, I’ve
gained experience that’s allowed me to become a profitable trader.

These skills allowed
me to trade for firms, leveraging my personal capital and enjoy the life I’ve always
dreamt of.


At 8d Trading Academy, our priority is to build profitable, self-sufficient forex traders from novice level to advanced level traders with our simple systematic trading style. We strive to make 8d Trading Academy your last stop; become another one of our profitable traders, and enjoy the freedom you’ve always wanted.

  • Systematic strategy
  • Mindset support
  • From zero to hero
  • Elitè community

English Masterclass

8D Trading was born with the purpose of creating a small group of elite traders to take their trading to the next level. Created by SamadhiFx & Rightness Trading, who have spent many years perfecting a systematic, simple and effective strategy, and finally will be shared with students in a short concise package.
8th Dimension is the systematic approach to trading, allowing you to follow a step-by-step process towards your trading success.

8th Dimension Academy (SamadhiFX) Download For Free
Worth: $600
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If link dead, message me on telegram @nitink77 Or Click Here


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